Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]

upgrade sony xperia ray to jelly bean

After a long wait we have successfully upgraded Sony Xperia Ray St18i from ICS to jelly bean. I’m very happy to know that almost everyone installed jelly bean on their xperia ray without any issues. The Custom ROM version of the provided tutorial is 6.0 . After the version of 6.0, version 7.0 and 8.0 was also releases with some more features and improvements. Well, I have tried version 7.0 in the previous month. I was not satisfied with that buggy version. Because my phone was getting heated while using simple applications such as Messaging, Music Player etc. Phone get restarted in every 1 hour. Oh… that version was really very disappointing. But, the latest version  8.0 is really an outstanding version. My recommendation is: upgrade sony xperia ray to jelly bean 4.1.2 of custom version 8.0.

What’s New In This Version?

  • Full Android 4.4 Kitkat themed UI
  • {including framework,
  • systemUI(status bar)
  • icons and few apps}
  • Kitkat launcher replacing apex
  • Memory footprint reduced of all apps
  • Upto 50 % more free ram(on system apps only)
  • Overall upto 30 mb more available ram when compared to previous versions
  • Faster app load time
  • Smoother scrolling
  • More battery friendly (like v7)
  • Kitkat camera app (No green preview and fully bugfree)
  • Fake 720p video mode (16:9) (actually 864×480) Videos look a lot better and ram not sacrificed
  • Camera image quality tweaks
  • Quickpic gallery app replacing google gallery
  • More languages added to keyboard, should not FC anymore
  • MX player removed
  • Better looking dark dialer
  • Digital clock removed
  • Analog Clock widget back to old 4.2.2 style
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat wallpapers
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat fonts
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat UI sounds
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat Boot-animation
  • All apps updated
  • New SJB Gapps updated (Contains latest play store and Google now)
  • Also Xperia Pro is supported from version 8 onwards


1. Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zip

2. Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip

3. gapps-jb-20131511 sjb 4.1.2.zip

4. SuperFusionRay.img

Download All The Requirements From Here (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)


1. For those who already installed version 6.0 or 7.0, just follow this article.

2. For those who are on ICS or any previous version, follow this article: Update sony xperia ray to jelly bean. But, you don’t need to download the requirements given on that article. Just download the requirements given in this article(without  Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip) and follow the steps given on that article.

Steps For Updating Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]

Step 1 : Flashing Kernel

In this update, we are going to use a new kernel. As you know kernel act as the core factor that determines your device performance, it is better to install the optimized and improved kernel version. So, It’s your wish to change the kernel. Otherwise you can continue using the previous kernel. But, I’m strongly recommend you to use this kernel.

In the previous article I used android development kit to flash the kernel. But, you can flash the kernel using Flashing Tool also!

Step 2: Copying files to SD card

Our next step is to copy the zipped files to the sd card for updating the ROM.

1. Connect the device to the PC  via USB data cable in “mass storage mode”.

2. Copy the files Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zipRay Patch sjb 8.0.zipgapps-jb-20131511 sjb 4.1.2.zip to SD card (Don’t extract the .zip files).

3. Disconnect the device.

Step 3: Updating ROM & Installing Apps

1. Boot the device into recovery.For that, Press power button to turn on the device, then press volume down button few times while the phone gets booted.

2. Wipe data/factory reset .

3. Wipe cache partition.

4. Wipe dalvik cache (advanced>>wipe dalvik cache)

5. Flash ROM (install zip>> choose zip from/storage/sdcard0 >> Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zip>>Yes)

6. Flash patch file (install zip>> choose zip from/storage/sdcard0 >> Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip>>Yes

7. Flasg gapps (install zip>> choose zip from/storage/sdcard0 >> gapps-jb-20131511 sjb 4.1.2.zip>>Yes

8. Power off (advanced>>power off)

Note: As usual wait for at least 15 to 20 Min for the “ROM settle”. And reboot at least once in 2 days for better performance and battery life.


update sony xperia ray to jelly bean


sony xperia ray best custom rom


upgrade sony xperia ray to jelly bean


Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]


Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]


Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]


Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]


Update Sony Xperia Ray To Jelly Bean 4.1.2 [Latest ROM Version 8.0]

For troubleshooting and questions feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to help out as much as I can.


  1. akid says

    hello akhil..
    im sorry im a noob, n this is my fisrt root n flashing. i already follow your step. after flashing kernel. i was flashing rom (sjb 08. patch. n gapps) but when i turn on my ray it get stuck on 4 circle loading for so long.. what should i do? should i do the factory reset then repeat the step or else?? thq before for your attention n hopefully my ray will bo ok soon..

    • says

      Hi Akid.

      I think,you started your phone immediately after flashing. Allow at-least of 15 min after flashing. I hope now you are not facing any issues!

  2. santosh pradhan says

    thanks for akhil i am a xperia ray user and i just install jellybean 4.1.2 rm version 8.o .i am very happy but. in one things i am confused.i.e radio in this apps i couldn’t play this in background and couldn’t play on loudspeaker. plse help

    • says

      Hi Santosh.

      Just checked: Radio is working fine on my side and working without any issues(Running fine on background too). And, Radio will not work without using headsets/headphones in any OS or any android smartphones. Feel free to ask any queries here.


      • santosh pradhan says

        i knew akhil g .i means that how to play radio on loudspeaker mode there is no any options for this please dont mind for this question.
        and next is :where will u bring some new version of android for this xperia ray?

  3. Vitman says

    Hi Akhil ,I updated 6.0 to 8.0 with the new kernel. All the instructions . After a week I took out the battery for a few hours . After inserting the battery and turn on the x-ray only endless logo animation . After two hours, the animation again by step 3 Again, functional but only if you do not remove the battery. This happens even when a discharge to shutdown the unit. After charging only step 3 I’m going back smooth 6.0 urushi . Here it is necessary to remove the uninstall icon. Sorry my English please , thanks.

    • says

      Hi Vitman.

      I’m very sad to hear that. Looks like you missed a step in update. This issue may rise, If you properly cleared the dalvik cache. Did you wiped dalvik cache and partition cache properly? Any way, I will not recommend you to continue on version 6.0. If you need any help, feel free to shoot your query here.


    • Vitman says

      Hello Akhil ,
      I made the same mistakes , I froze kitkat launcher because it was in English and withdrew apex launcher and moved to sd card. The phone then when turned off then on going. 8.0 use three weeks and I am very satisfied . Thanks Akhil , you’re a dude .

  4. Sandeep K says

    Hi Akhil,

    This update is super speed. But i’ve a question – how to add 2 or more page in home. Like if i need to add some widgets then @max 3-4 can be added and then we can’t add. And one more thing, it is observed in my phone or in others, don’t know, but when i update apps, sometimes the phone hangs and reboots automatically, This was observed many a times in your previous JB update. Your suggestions or solutions please!!

    • says

      Hello Sandeep.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Here are my suggestions for you.

      1. Try to add a new widget page and try to use “Resize Widget” to accommodate more widgets.

      2. Restarting may cause because of the lack of RAM. Try to kill/ disable/remove high resource consuming apps to release more memory.

      3. If possible, try to use “Clean Master” app to remove unwanted junks and unwanted apps. Clean Master will help you to release memory too.


  5. yogarajan says

    hi, I am using xperia ray
    I want to update from super jellybean 6.0 to 8.0.
    but my question is without flashing (step 1) we update it to supr jelybean 8.0 or not?

    sry I am lag in english

    • says

      Hi Yogarajan.

      Yes, you can update without flashing the new kernel. But, I have mentioned the features of the new Kernel in the article introduction. I hope you read that.


  6. Haya says

    Hi Akhil,

    It’s me again.
    This time i have to ask if there’s a way to downgrade the ROM back to the original ICS?
    I’m really unsatisfied with the camera hang and sometimes have to reboot just to get the camera works again.
    Can you help me, please?

    • says

      Hi Sumanta.

      I’m very sorry to say that, currently xloud is not included in this version(Not supported). Maybe xloud will added in the future updates.


  7. Scimitar says

    This is the 1st time I tried to install a custom ROM. Followed your guide How To Install Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Sony Xperia Ray but used the files given here (except Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip) as instructed.

    Completed the procedure and confirmation displayed where expected.

    But after completing step 6 (clearing caches and installing SJB 8 and gapps and waiting approx 15 minutes, I boot and it comes till the 1st Welcome screen where I have to select the language. Here, the touch screen simply does not respond (rather it responds in a wierd, haphazard way) and I can’t get beyond this screen. Long pressing the power button does bring up the window for powering off, but nothing happens if I press it. Only pulling the battery gets it to turn off.

    Repeated this last step (step 6) of clearing caches and reinstalling SJB7 and gapps 3 times, but every time it gets stuck at the welcome screen (language selection).

    Please help!! I really need to get the phone running ASAP with SJB7 or the stock ICS or whatever. Is there something I can do to get SJB7 working? If not, whats the best way to get the stock ICS ROM back?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Scimitar.

      I’m very sorry for the issue happened. This issue “may be resolved in flashing again. But, I can’t say the exact reason for your issue. Anyway, restoring original ROM is a little bit confusing tutorial. I will post a detailed tutorial this week. It is almost complete. Please wait..


      • Natalie Segedin says

        I’ve had the exact same problem happen to my Sony Xperia Ray :( I now cannot use my phone at all even though I have tried repeating step 6 several times – it also always gets stuck at the welcome screen and the screen is unresponsive or acts unpredictably.

        I look forward to seeing the tutorial on restoring original ROM :)

      • Scimitar says

        I guess I found the issue – After 3 attempts as mentioned above, I tried 4th time. This time I used the patch file as mentioned in this guide. And it worked!! But you have clearly mentioned in the older guide that the patch should not be used by those using the stock ICS ROM! I guess you need to correct this, or maybe you didn’t mean that, but it has not been worded right. Suggest you please consider rephrasing this, so others who want to upgrade form ICS don’t waste so much time.

        Anyway, the SJB8 ROM is leagues ahead of the stock ICS, but with some issues. The biggest issue seems to be that it seems to take up a lot more internal storage. I had many more apps on the stock ICS (after aggressively removing bloat-ware). With this ROM, after barely installing the most used apps like Swiftkey, Whatsapp, I barely have 150 MB internal storage free! I guess one would need to use something like link2sd, else the phone would hardly be usable!

        Another serious issue I’m having is that the pointer on maps seems to have gone haywire! Is this a known issue? Any fixes? I really need maps and navigation to work optimally, if I am to stay on this ROM.

        Lastly, the back-light does not dim before turning off. Bit of an irritant, as you don’t get any warning that its turning off, and you have to keep pressing a hardware button to bring it back on. Any way to get this behavior back?

  8. Hari says

    Hi Akhil,

    I’m in the process of updating SJB 8.0 in my ray mobile and ended up so badly.. This is not a problem with ROM I believe but I will explain it a bit. Please let me know if you can assist me to sort this.

    Normally my ray has an issue with a blank screen while booting (common issue for few ray users). The display screen will be blank during the booting process and will be normal once booting completes. It means that, no display appears during booting process. Once booting completes, home screen will appear (after multiple clicks of power button).

    I followed your steps till 5 and able to flash the device with Super Fusion kernel and issue occurred while executing 6th step.

    In 6th step, few steps need to be performed using Clockworld Recovery mode (like wipe the data, install apps). But, my ray mobile don’t show the display the screen during startup stage. So, when start my in recovery mode (multiple clicks on volume down button), the phone has started but no display is appearing . Hence I can’t proceed further

    I stuck this stage and in dilemma what to do now.

    I know that this is more towards hardware issue but let me know if you can assist anything on this.


    • says

      Hello Hari.

      Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for your valuable comment and explaining your issue. Well, I’m very very sad to say that, “I’M ALSO HAVING THIS ISSUE”. The name of this issue is “Screen Blackout”.

      You can see this issue here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4p0-kv1cxA

      This issue is a common problem, facing by most of the “Xperia Ray” users. The problem is happening because of the “Motherboard” of the device. The blackout will happen when the device is getting heated. So, this issue will occur when the device get used!

      Solution: The only solution to this problem is to “Replace the motherboard”. If you are in “warranty period”, you will get a NEW PHONE from sony. If your warranty is expired, then you need to replace the board/purchase a new phone!! I think, replacing board is very costly. So, my suggestion is to purchase a new phone, Not xperia ray:-)



  9. S says

    Almost all the gapps included in the file (in the link given at the beginning of this guide) are outdated. Also, Google search from this package FCs everytime. Is a gapps package available that contains the very latest updates? Would really help as one needn’t update at least for sometime, and save some valuable internal memory.

    • says


      I’m extremely sorry for this. But, Updates may release any time. We don’t know, when it will occur. All the gapps can easily updated from the play store. Kindly update your apps from play store.


    • says

      Hey Hash.

      I’m glad to know that, my tutorial worked for you. May be you can expect the Kitkat for xperia ray in the next two months. Don’t forget to subscribe us!


  10. says

    hi Akhil K A …

    when the new android version 4.4 will launch…i mean a new custom by you :-) … i will love to wait till it launch…

  11. Aakarsh Gopi says

    Hi akhil
    Is it neccesary to have the google apps? I mean can I remove the unneccesary apps like google play,gmail ,google search and alll I just neeed play store and play services right? Please help me on it.
    I think flashing ROM and Patch should be enough. gapps need not be flashed right?

    • says

      Hi Aakarsh.

      It is not necessary. But, you need at-least “Google Play Store” to download all other apps. If you are not going to install gapps, then you have to manually download and install the latest version of “Play Store” from any other websites using your PC. You can’t download the play store apk using your phone. Because, you are not having the default browser in your phone :)

  12. marsya nabila says

    i had done every steps exactly what u says, but is it me or happen to anyone that the zip file of Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zip seems like corrupt to me? so i failed twice.. help me. what should i do?

    • says


      The file is just re-verified by me and works fine on my end. If the file was corrupted, then download the files one more time and do the tutorial steps again.


  13. Skully says

    Hello Akhil … I have this problem : I did all the steps correct and i waited 15-20 min for the ROM to settle but when i turn it on it shows me to write the PIN to my SIM card… And when i attend to do so i click on 1 and it writes 5 or 8. That happens with all of the numbers … when i powered it off and back on it showed me the lock screen but with the same problem . I attend to slide it open and it didnt respond ….
    Please help :)

    • says


      Is this issue occurred after the installation of this ROM? May be this is a software or hardware issue. If this is a software issue, you can try these solutions:

      1. Remove the battery and re-insert the battery after 5min and switch on the device.

      2. Try to downgrade the jelly bean OS by installing the ROM and gapps of version 6.0 (No need to flash)

      3. If all the above steps fails, then try to Restore the Original ROM :(

      If none of the method is not worked, then the issue is related to the hardware. To resolve, you need to ask a support from nearest sony service centre.

  14. Mohamed Shahid says

    I ve done all the steps. I dint flash the kernel and continued. Now my phone shows endless sony logo for hours. I cant get into recovery mode too. Please help

    • says

      Hi Mohamed.

      This issue will occur if you started your phone without giving the ROM settle-down time, or you have missed a step in the tutorial. Anyway, you have two options to resolve this issue.

      1. Just turn off the device (If power button doesn’t work, remove the battery) and turn on the device after 10 min.

      2. Just do the last step in the tutorial once again and give 15-20 min to settle-down the ROM and turn on the device.


  15. Tugrul says

    I’ve just installed this rom and unfortunately my touchscreen didn’t work. And I couldn’t find an answer for my problem. Then i tried to install the previous version. It worked. After that i installed this rom again anddd:: it worked :)

    If anyone has this problem, try this way. First install the older version and than this one.

    [sorry for bad english :( ]

    • says

      Hey Tugrul.

      Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to comment here. I really appreciate it. This is a very useful update for me.

      Thanks again.

      • Dwi says

        I have the same problem with the touchscreen. Upgrade my ICS directly to this version.
        I will try to upgrade to 6.0 then update to 8.0.
        Will be back.. Thanks..

      • Dwi says

        resolved the touchscreen problem by install all the zip file based on this tutorial :
        1. Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zip
        2. Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip
        3. gapps-jb-20131511 sjb 4.1.2.zip

        On this tutorial you write ‘without Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip’ and follow the steps given on the ver 6.0 article. I think we still need to install Ray Patch sjb 8.0.zip file for ver 8.0

        No need to upgrade ICS to Super Jelly Bean 6.0 then upgrade to Super Jelly Bean 8.0. I can directly upgrade ICS to JB 8.0


  16. mazenkanso says

    hello thankyou for your help, i have the same problem of the touch screen not responding, i repeated the whole process but still no resolve. please can you help

  17. Nithin N says

    Hi Akhil,
    I tried all possible steps to start my fone in recovery mode. But unsuccessful.
    I tried the app, ” x parts”. I turned on the fone contibually tapped the volume down key. Tried almost everything. But still cant boot fone in recovery mode. PLease help.

    • says

      Hello Nithin.

      Thanks you so much for choosing my article:

      Please provide me some necessary details:

      1. Did you already installed the old version of Jelly Bean from my own tutorial?

      2. Did you complete the flashing process without ant “errors”?

      I’m waiting for your reply.


  18. rangan says

    25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    25/037/2014 22:37:00 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    25/037/2014 22:37:05 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): C:\Flashtool\firmwares\SuperFusionRay-kk.img
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    25/037/2014 22:37:25 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

  19. rangan says

    29/049/2014 19:49:41 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    29/049/2014 19:49:41 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    29/049/2014 19:49:43 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging on
    29/049/2014 19:49:43 – INFO – Connected device : SonyEricson Xperia Ray
    29/049/2014 19:49:43 – INFO – Installed version of busybox : BusyBox v1.20.2-linusyang (2012-10-15 16:24:24 CST) multi-call binary.
    29/049/2014 19:49:43 – INFO – Android version : 4.0.4 / kernel version : / Build number : 4.1.B.0.587
    29/049/2014 19:49:43 – INFO – Checking root access
    29/049/2014 19:49:44 – INFO – Root Access Allowed
    29/050/2014 19:50:04 – INFO – Please wait device is rebooting into fastboot mode (via ADB)
    29/050/2014 19:50:21 – INFO – Device will soon enter fastboot mode
    29/050/2014 19:50:21 – INFO – Device disconnected
    29/050/2014 19:50:23 – INFO – Device connected in fastboot mode
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): K:\2\SuperFusionRay.img
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (9088 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    29/050/2014 19:50:43 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): K:\boot.img
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.000s
    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.000s

    29/051/2014 19:51:03 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): K:\boot.img
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.000s
    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending 'boot' (8832 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.000s

    29/051/2014 19:51:19 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

  20. winara says

    hello akhil? i have try this rom this is the best from other rom… but why in camera we can’t use flash?? can u mod camera with flash in this roms? thanks :-)

  21. qippu qasim says

    after i installed lates version of of jelly beans a notification appears.. “com.android.phone has stoped workibg”….. i cannot call or sms or use data… please help me

    • says

      Hi Quippu.

      I’m extremely sorry for the delay in reply. I was busy with my exams. By the way, this is cause because of some issue in the flashing gapps. Please repeate the last step in the tutorial one more time. This will fix your issue.


  22. qippu qasim says

    i have installed android supper jelly beans 8.0.. but the problem is a notification appears like “con.android.phone has stopped working”.. i cannot call or sms or use data.. Please help me

  23. qippu qasim says

    actually i figured out the problem..
    I did not inset SIM card.. :p .. It makes me stupid… I think u guys could fix that problem. if the sim card is missing my phone should tell me that sim card is missing. But it shows the ugly message…

  24. qippu qasim says

    I have another problem here. When i tried to install Pac Kitkat version Something went wrong. my phone doesn’t switch on. When i connect my phone to Windows PC it says that there’s no Driver in the device.. I used windows device manager to install a driver from my computer.. the phone was k. But the problem appeared later. when i connect my phone to computer the sony PC companion Says that my phone is a Xperia Neo(MT15).. but actually it is a xperia ray… Can u help me..

  25. zisan says

    Hi Akhil,
    I install sjb 8 on my ray. now I face little bit problem like that when I running Ashpalt 8 game, it’s so much lagging, but it’s running official gb rom on ray smoothly without lagging.i use granify, seeder etc soft to fix this problem,but still lagging. How can I solve this problem? please help.

    • says

      Hi Zisan.

      Looks like your other apps are eating your RAM memory. Try to disable some background apps and try again. Go to Settings> App>> and disable those high RAM consumption apps.


  26. says

    Hi, Akhil K A
    I get a problemm with GPS my gps not work good leading to all directions to evrywhere please help me for this problem ?

  27. FaRRe says

    Hi Akhil,

    I appreciate your work and effort..the SJB 8.0. rom works excellent on my xperia ray device..

    I only have problems with the wifi connection…it stucked on “turning wifi on..”

    there is no option to turn wifi off..I had this issue with other roms, but everytime it’s the same..

    I’m really sad that the wifi connection doesn’t work, because my phone got boosted and there is many free ram!! that’s awesome!

    PLEASE, I need your support!


  28. Rubel says

    Hi Akhil. I am a xperia ray user. I have installed Cm 9 on my ray. One thing i want to ask you our 2011 xperia devices hardware was different from the upcoming softwares. SO it may affect our phones. So if i install kit kat or jelly bean then there is any posibilities for phone damage??

  29. says

    or one thing now my phone frimware isST18i_4.1.B.0.587 i cannot go factroy mode via pressing vol-& power why or to go this mode tell me did i need to root frist as you link or flash kernal as your link please guide me i am waiting for you dear

  30. Sharma says

    I have the same problem of the touch screen not responding after step 6. You replied on an earlier comment that this issue can be resolved by Installing the old version of jelly bean and then updated to the latest version. Can you please explain the procedure for me. I am a noob in this area. An early reply is highly appreciated

  31. Sharma says

    I updated directly from ICS to JB 8.0. Now my touch screen is not responding. You wrote in an earlier comment that this can be resolved by Installing the old version of jelly bean and then updated to the latest version. Pls. can you explain how to do this. I am a novice in this area.

    Sahayikku pls…

  32. Michal Soucha says

    Thank You very much!!!
    Apps not responding on the original ROM in last few weeks and animations slow down. And now… It’s like I got new Ray! Awesome!

  33. Judes says

    when i , Flash ROM (install zip>> choose zip from/storage/sdcard0 >> Super Jelly Bean 8.0 Main Rom.zip>>Yes)
    i got error , what should i do?

  34. jazz says


    I succesfully installed and it performs much better than KitKat! And FM radio & GPS works fine (not in KitKat).

    One major problem: all apps on SD card dissapear from home screens whenever I plug in device on PC or on reboot. Is there a way to fix this?

    One minor problem: FM radio volume does not work on blanc screen.

    Do you have suggestions?


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