One Click Root For Sony Xperia Ray – Root Within 5sec

We all know that, rooting will unlock all the special features of our android smartphones. Android Rooting will also provide some special permissions to the users and apps to get the full control over the device and the android operating system. This is a special tutorial for showing you the fastest rooting method.

About One Click Root For Xperia Ray

One Click Root for Sony Xperia Ray is a special and simple software, that will help us to Root Sony Xperia Ray st18i devices. Normal rooting processes are already discussed in Androidizer.

But this is the latest, simple, secure and one easy method to root xperia ray smartphones. The whole rooting process will be completed in less than “One Minute”. Yes! This is true and tested on my device.  I know, normally we need to spend a lot of time to root our android smartphone devices. The main highlight of this method is, the one click root for xperia ray will do all the usual rooting rooting steps in one simple click! That means, this rooting software is having a fully automatic working procedure. The name of this one click rooting device is “Eroot“. Now, take a look at the features of Eroot.

Features of Eroot Rooting Software

  • No need to install.
  • Completely portable.
  • Works with most of the android devices.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Blazing fast.
  • Simple one click rooting procedure.
  • Secure.
  • No other rooting components required.
  • No need to downgrade/upgrade firmwares.
  • No Internet connection needed.
  • Small file size (Less than 12MB)

Requirements To Root Xperia Ray st18i

  1. Sony Xperia Ray ST18i smartphone.
  2. Windows PC.
  3. Eroot Software (File name: (Link Updated On 28/Jun/2014)

Before Going To Root Xperia Ray ST18i:

  1. Minimum 50% battery backup.
  2. Turn on the Flight Mode (To avoid interruptions in rooting process).
  3. Enable USB Debugging.

Steps To Root Xperia Ray

Step 1:

Run (Double click on the file).

Note: Currently the software language is Chinese. But don’t worry, you just follow the screenshots, and we are not going to do any complicated steps :)

root xperia ray st18i

Step 2:

Connect your device to the computer using a USB data cable. (Don’t turn off the device).

root xperia ray

Step 3:

Click on the “Root” button, and wait for the rooting process to complete. If you can see as same as in the screenshot given below on your PC, then you can confirm that the rooting process is completed successfully.

one click root for xperia ray

Step 4:

Reboot your sony xperia ray smartphone and check for the super user app that is automatically installed by the Eroot rooting software. If the super user app is installed on your device, then you can ensure that, your device is successfully rooted without any issues.

Note: If you are still having doubt on your rooting status, you can download the Root Checker App from the google play store and you can easily verify your device rooting status.

 I hope this simple tutorial will definitely help you to root your xperia ray device. If you are satisfied with my tutorial, please spent a little time to post your feedback in the below comment section. Your feedback is my only inspiration to write more articles like this. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends and subscribe to my post updates newsletter to stay up-to-date with Androidizer.

Stuck in any steps? Need any help from my side? Feel free to ask your queries in the comment section. I’m always here to help my readers.



  1. Jodie says

    app not showing Xperia ray like your screenshot, but St18..
    and after i press the root button, waiting for rooting progress, app show 4 root progress not 3 like in your screenshot, and then it show something like username or what, in chinese and i dont understand..please help me..
    I tried “How To Root Sony Xperia Ray With Android 4.0.4 In 5 Minutes” too, but not working..

    • says

      Hi Jodie.

      I’m extremely sorry for the late reply. I was busy on my exams:)

      Very sad to hear your issue. Anyway, let me solve your issue.Please provide me some details:

      1. Did you enabled usb debugging?

      2. Did you switched off your phone while rooting with eroot?

      3. Can you provide me your phone, android and kernel versions?

      4. Did you tried “Run as an administrator” option for running eroot?

      5. If possible, kindly provide a screenshot of your eroot and rooting toolkit error messages.

      Waiting for your reply.


  2. adam says

    I tried it and it says the same thing like in the the screnshot,
    but the rootchecker doesnt confirm it.

    btw:does it work for xperia active 4.0.4

    • says


      Can you find the super user app on your phone? If you can see the exact screenshot like mine, then your phone is rooted. So, are you sure on this?

      I didn’t tested this software on Xperia Active:)


  3. adam says

    I finally managed to root with kingo root it definetly works with xperia ray I tested it on my phone.


    • says

      Hi Adam.

      Thank you so much for trying my tutorials. If you are having any issues related with android, feel free to ask in Androidizer.


  4. Aakarsh Gopi says

    I have faced the same problems as jodie and moreover I checked with rootchecker it says not rooted properly
    Eroot says ST18 and shows 4 processes
    I kept it on USB debugging mode
    Didnt turn off my phone
    And tried both running as administrator and without.
    not working properly

    • says


      Then may be this is your hardware issue(ROM). If possible, do a phone restore and try again. If this is also not working. Then your phone is having some hardware issue.

      Try it and reply me.

  5. kurt says

    sir, the program can’t detect my device even though i had it turned to flight mode and USB debugging mode is on. Please help me.

  6. kurt says

    oh sir i already conducted the process. I just want to ask if superuser app is present in my device, is it already rooted?

  7. Lai says

    Hi Akhil!

    At last I was able to root my phone now! Yay! Thanks to this one click eroot.
    Well at first, it didn’t go through. I was getting 4 checkmarks like them but I followed your advise and reset it. Now it’s rooted. I had it confirmed with Root Checker App as well.

    But i got another problem. I have this Superuser App already but when i get in there, all it says is that “There are currently no Superuser app policies.”
    I’m a newbie and what i want to do is to get rid of the pre-installed Apps that i don’t really need.. and to upgrade to Jellybean as well, hopefully.

    Thanks so much for your help!


      • Lai says

        didn’t do it..
        i already have downloaded SU Update Fixer app but it says:

        “Superuser does not appear to be installed.

        “Checking signatures…fail!

        hope you can still help me fix it.. or should i just proceed with Jellybean custom rom update?

        Thanks bigtime.

        • says

          Hello Lai.

          Looks more complicated :( But, I can ensure that, Upgrading to the Jelly Bean will definitely resolve your issue (Custom ROM’s are already rooted). Within 24hrs I’m going to publish a detailed Review and installation tutorial on Upgrading Sony Xperia Ray to Kitkat 4.4, If you are interested, then you can try kitkat on your device :)


  8. Dik Haldzer baskerville says

    .nigth all.. ,sorry I’m listning ,and i’m very interested about upgrading xperia ray to kit-kat..

  9. Muhammad Saeed Anwer says

    But I have backed to my previous Kernel version on Xperia Ray because JB was too slow even I have install with full permission of Linked2SD.
    If you have any idea about the better performance of Xperia Ray than guide me please.

  10. Narendra says

    having issues:
    Xperia Ray – “There are currently no Superuser app policies.”
    Tried updating and installing SU update fixer…Help :(

  11. Jo says

    Brother akhil you are the best.This worked like charm and did rooted my ray…Easiest way of rooting done.Thank you for the share of info :)

  12. Lucy says

    This of course works even it does not look exacly as in the pictures. I could perform this steps whit a toddler hanging from my legs. Thank you very much for this. Could you maybe put a link from the 5 minute method to try this one first? The other one did not pass the hanging toddler proof.

  13. Omer says

    first, thanks for your all clear tutorials.

    my problem is a bit different. I previously had rooted my xperia ray via “eroot”. then I tried to flash o kitkat custom, everything was going well but when the phone was recovery mode, I got an error about the kernel (error 7). so everything was deleted. the phone became unrooted. now it is 4.0.4 (587), and I am trying to root it via “eroot”, it failed. I can’t root my phone again. what should I do?


  14. Marc Baddé says

    Dear Akhil,

    My Xperia Ray has the Androïd version 2.3.3, build 4.0.A.2.368, kernel perf. Will your one-click wonder still work out fine for me?

    Thanks a lot!

    • says

      Hi Marc.

      One click root for android is working fine on most of the xperia devices. Why don’t you shoot a try? It won’t hurt your phone. Guaranteed. Looking forward to you.


  15. Sourav says

    Dear Akhil,

    The Eroot Software link is not working.
    please give me the downloading link of that software.

    Currently i’m useing 2.3.4 on my xperia ray.

    My kernel version- SEMCUser@SEMCHost # 1

    Build Number- 4.0.2.A.0.62

    So, can i root with this method ?

  16. SAvan says

    Hi Akhil.
    i have made my phone rooted by someone and installed jelly bean 4.1.2. but two days before i installed the stock rom gb 2.3.4 back to my phone. now i m stuck to the very bad display quality. surprisingly root also blocked tried the method u mentioned but in vein. what to do and now i want the kitkat version. explain as i m not too much expert in androiding/installing the custom rom.
    Waiting for ur reply

  17. Khwaja Hashmi says

    17/027/2014 04:27:37 – INFO – Selected kernel (boot.img or kernel.sin): G:\ray\SuperFusionRay-kk.img
    17/027/2014 04:27:37 – INFO – Flashing selected kernel
    17/027/2014 04:27:37 – INFO – sending ‘boot’ (94 KB)…
    17/027/2014 04:27:38 – INFO – FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    17/027/2014 04:27:38 – INFO – finished. total time: 0.001s
    17/027/2014 04:27:38 – INFO – FASTBOOT Output:
    sending ‘boot’ (94 KB)…
    FAILED (remote: The Device must be rooted first)
    finished. total time: 0.001s

    17/027/2014 04:27:38 – INFO – Please check the log before rebooting into system

  18. Axel says


    I tried to root my device but
    – the menu that appears to me has 4 steps instead of 3
    – at the last point (4th) it appears like an error it asks me about the model (whei it did already recognize it), whether it is an QQ or a telephone and to add comments ???

    Answering to your questions of previous post
    ) I have enable usb debugging
    2) i didn’t switch off my phone
    3) my phone is xperia ray ST18i, android 4.0.4, kernel BuildUser@BuildHost #1

    Can you support me?

    BTW, the first time I executed the Errot exe it conneted to Internet and as well an application called bec.exe, is that OK?


  19. Anonymous Lee says

    Hi Akhil,

    Thanks for the brilliant article!
    Thanks a lot for enabling me to root my xperia ray ST18i successfully and time savingly.

    Some tips for other users who may face the similar obstacles as me:

    —->unable to detect phone? :
    At frist I tried connect with
    1. USB debugging mode
    2. flight mode

    but my USB connection method is USB MASS storage connection
    therefore the application was unable to detect my phone.

    then I change the USB connection method to USB MSC connection
    and finally it’s able to detect my phone.

    —->detect as ST18i instead of Xperia Ray? :
    it detected my phone as ST18i & with 4 statements also,
    don’t worry if it’s with 4 statements instead of 3 statement as shown in this article,
    the difference is just an extra statement of “searching root method”.

  20. Axel says

    Dear Akhil,

    I tried to root my Ray but I could not. I found some differences from the screenshots you showed above.
    First I had 4 points in the menu instead of 3 you showed in ‘Step 3′ (see
    When I follow all steps , it goes thru all of them without any problem but when it comes to the 4th one then it stucks.
    It asks me:
    – about the model,
    – whether is a QQ (?) or a telephone
    – put comments

    Curiously I tried with different versions of Eroot (1.3.4 and 1.3.3) and the result is always the same, meaning 4 points in the menu and stucked at the last 4th one

    Answering to your questions in a former mail
    1) i have enable usb debugging
    2) i didn’t switch off my phone
    3) my phone is xperia ray ST18i, android 4.0.4, kernel BuildUser@BuildHost #1

    Any idea how to proceed?

    I want to avoid to delete all content by installing frimware from zero

    Thanks in advanced for your support
    Kind regards

    PS: BTW; I do not know Chinese but Google Translator does 😉

  21. Jim says

    Stuck at step 2.. Nothing happens, the eroot window looks exactly the same as in pic one efen after several minutes with my Xperia Ray connected to computer..

    I’ve followed every step

  22. kartman says

    Dear Akhil
    I would like to root my Xperia Ray and then jump to kitkat instead of Android 4.0.4
    But i am afraid when i click on your Eroot software link i get a red message from “Bitly” saying it is dangerous to go further.
    May i continue without risk ?
    Thank you for your great job.

    • says


      One click root is a good software and tested by me and most of my readers. By the way, I’m a programmer and MCA student. So, you don’t worry. The software is safe.


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